We’ve improved how we fit out homes ready for new residents – so if you move home with us, you’ll get a brighter, fresher start to your tenancy.

This year we have worked with involved residents to agree a new standard for homes we refurbish after one set of residents has moved out and another moves in. This will apply to the 2,500 homes we re-let each year.

This change is in response to your feedback.

Almost two-thirds of you told us you were satisfied with your home when you moved in. But some of you said you would have liked it to have been redecorated beforehand.

This is what you can now expect from us under our homes standard.

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In the past, our refurbishment work has focused on health and safety issues – such as gas and asbestos checks – and on updating kitchens and bathrooms, if necessary. We would then give you vouchers for a DIY store, so you could redecorate to your own taste.

But this left some of you feeling a bit disappointed when you first arrived, you said. So we are changing this – we will redecorate throughout and fit new carpets and vinyl flooring before you move in.

We will also have your new home professionally cleaned, so that it is spick and span for day one.

These changes were agreed with our Resident Services Group, chaired by Fayann Simpson. The group helps us make sure that your voices get heard and that we give good customer service.

“Moving into a new home can be an exhausting experience – moving into a better quality home makes the process easier and less stressful,” Fayann said. “The improved void standard will help residents get their tenancy and relationship with L&Q off to the right start.”

Our home standard

If you move home with us, this is what you can expect us to have done in your new home:

  • All rooms redecorated
  • New carpet in all living areas
  • New vinyl flooring in kitchens and bathrooms
  • Energy efficiency measures installed, where possible
  • Professionally cleaned

Plus, if the kitchen and bathroom are scheduled to be replaced within the next five years, we will do it before you move in instead.

We believe that homes matter – our vision is that everyone has a quality home they can afford. By improving the standard of your home when you move in, we are giving you the best start we can to your tenancy.