We’ve stopped giving new residents fixed-term tenancies – we’re offering open-ended assured tenancies instead. If you have a fixed-term tenancy with us and all is going well, we hope to switch you to an open-ended tenancy by the end of March 2019.

Open-ended tenancies give you more security – and they mean you can put down roots locally. That’s why we’ve made them our default tenancy.

The decision came after we asked residents who joined us five or six years ago what they thought. They told us open-ended tenancies would be better – and many said that renewing a tenancy at the end of the fixed term had made them feel anxious.

Fixed-term tenancies were introduced to give you greater flexibility. They meant you could move every five years into a home that met your needs at that time.

“Residents told us open-ended tenancies would be better”

But we don’t think they’ve worked very well, and nor do you. Most people’s circumstances don’t change much in their first five years with us and their lives don’t coincide neatly with a five-year tenancy.

We also found that fixed-term tenancies discouraged assured tenants from taking up a mutual exchange or a transfer because you were concerned you would lose your security of tenure.

“Doing the right thing for our residents drives everything we do,” said Andy Brown, our Chief Operating Officer. “Ending fixed-term tenancies is a great example of how we’re listening to you, our residents, and involving you in key decisions that shape our services.”

“Open-ended tenancies give you more security”

If you have a fixed-term tenancy with no outstanding issues, such as serious rent arrears, we’ll contact you in the coming weeks or months about switching to an open-ended tenancy.

“I’m delighted that L&Q has made these changes following extensive consultation with residents,” said Fayann Simpson, who is a member of our Board and chairs the Resident Services Group. “It will help thousands of residents feel more secure about their home and their future.”

We are now working with involved residents, including Fayann, to develop a range of options to help you if you want to move. We are especially looking to support you if you want to become a homeowner or if your home no longer meets your needs.