Our new customer promise sets out five things we will do for you. Find out what it means to you.

Every day, our people will focus on these five things – giving you the certainty that we will do our utmost to make them happen. Here’s a short film we made about what our customer promise means and why it matters.

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Here is what we will do as part of each of the five promises.

We’ll provide good quality homes and services for you

We want you to be happy in your home and community, so we’ll:

  • Maintain your home to a good standard
  • Complete everyday repairs as quickly as possible at a time that suits you
  • Look after shared spaces as if they were our own
  • Build high quality, desirable homes
  • Work with you and others to create vibrant, sustainable and happy communities

We’ll make it easy for you to deal with us

We want you to have a great experience with us, so we’ll:

  • Do our part to make settling into your home as easy as we can
  • Make it easier for you to get in touch and find the information you need
  • Make payment transactions easier
  • Clearly explain any changes to your rent and service charges
  • Make it easier to book a repair appointment

We’ll listen and act

We want you to trust us to be on your side, so we’ll:

  • Always be friendly and helpful
  • Be straight with you and clear about timeframes
  • Aim to resolve your query on the same day when we can
  • Keep you informed about what’s happening
  • Be here to help if you need it
  • Be upfront with you about our performance and what we’re doing to improve it

We’ll put things right

We never want to let you down, but if we do we’ll:

  • Say sorry and sort it out as soon as we can
  • Aim to fix things first time
  • Check you are happy with the outcome
  • Make it simple for you to complain
  • Usually resolve complaints in 10 days
  • Learn from what we do well and where we need to do better

We’ll keep you safe

We want you to feel safe and secure in your home and community, so we’ll:

  • Keep your home dry and safe
  • Keep shared spaces clean and safe
  • Help resolve issues causing concern to you and your community
  • Offer support and work with our local partners to help ensure your wellbeing

Each year from now on, we’ll report back to you on how we are doing in meeting our promise to you. It will form a key part of our next residents annual report – and here in Homelife too, of course.