Help us to keep you safe

As your landlord, we want to keep you safe and maintain your home to a good standard. To do that, we need your help sometimes – including letting us into your home sometimes.

To keep your home safe and in good condition, we carry out annual planned maintenance programmes and annual safety inspections. We also perform fire risk assessments.

When we carry out communal area inspections, we check that fire equipment is not damaged and that there are no fire risks in the communal areas. But sometimes we also need access to your home.

How you can help us

So that our maintenance work, safety inspections or fire risk assessments go as smoothly as possible, we ask that you help us by:

  • Always letting us in for your scheduled appointment
  • Always asking to see personal identification before letting anyone into your home
  • Keeping your pets in another room, away from the work
  • Keeping children away from the work and not leaving them in the house on their own
  • Not leaving any money or valuables on show in your home
  • Clearing away all personal belongings from the areas where the work will be taking place. Please let us know if you can’t move heavy furniture, or if you need help
  • Not smoking while contractors or our staff are working in your home. Your home becomes a temporary workplace and smoking in the workplace was banned under the Health Act in 2007
  • Letting us know if you have any medical or other special requirements. We need to know so that we can let contractor know before work begins
  • Completing a short survey after the planned maintenance work is complete. This helps us to improve our services.

Taking safety seriously

As your landlord, we must make sure that all gas appliances, fittings and flues that we own, and you use, are safe.

The law says that every 12 months we need to arrange safety checks on each gas appliance and flue. This must be carried out by a gas installer who is on the Gas Safe Register and they must give you a copy of the safety check record within 28 days.

There are a small number of residents who don't let us carry out these important checks and the taken to court and prosecuted. Sometimes we must also evict people who don’t comply.

We don't like to do this, but we simply can't risk the safety of our residents or their neighbours.

Missed appointments

If you can’t make an appointment, please let us know as soon as possible. If you’ve missed a scheduled appointment recently, please call L&Q Direct on 0300 456 9996 to rearrange.

Remember, it is your legal obligation to give us access to your home to carry out these safety checks and servicing. Carrying out these checks means that we can keep your home safe.