Our plans for this year

This year we’re investing in things to make your life easier, we’re transforming our service to you and we’re growing so we can offer a broader range of homes and services.

This is all part of our new corporate plan, published in May. It sets out how we plan to invest, grow and transform over the coming year – and puts quality at the very heart of everything we do.

Among the things we want to do is invest in smart systems and technology. This includes rolling out low-cost broadband to all residents over the next 18 months. We also want to connect more buildings so that we are automatically alerted if work is needed to, say, a communal boiler or a lift.

We also want to increase what we offer to you. So, for example, we aim to fit more charging points for electric vehicles and source more energy from green suppliers.

And we want to transform our service. For instance, we want to deliver online services so that you can book a repair or make a payment anytime, anyplace, on any device.

We also aim to complete more repairs during our first appointment – we’ve set ourselves a target of 80% first-time fix by the end of March next year. We’ll do this by improving how we schedule work and getting the right skilled tradespeople to the right jobs.

More than ever, this year, quality will become our watch word.

We want to hand over new homes we are proud of and to manage existing homes as well as we would our own. We will take personal responsibility for delivering great service.

In recent months, your feedback has told us that we’ve been getting it right more than before. We’ll have more information about that in our next issue, when we publish the residents annual report.

By doing what we say in our new plan, we hope to see your approval ratings of us continue to rise. Importantly, we also want to regain the confidence of those of you who live in our most challenging schemes.

You can read a copy of our new corporate plan on our website.