Lifetime tenancies in progress

Earlier this year, we started moving residents with fixed-term tenancies onto lifetime assured tenancies. We have converted 4,000 tenancies already.

We told you about this move last year and have made a good start on converting our target of 8,600 tenancies. We have a specialist team managing the whole process.

We have already written to all residents who are likely to be affected and told them what we plan to do. In July, we will be contacting the next 2,000 residents, inviting them to convert their tenancies.

We will work on the final phases between now and autumn.

We have made this move to lifetime tenancies because they give you more security – and they mean you can have a home for life. (Read Andy Jones’s story in this issue about the difference a lifetime tenancy has made for him.)

We asked the opinions of residents on fixed-term tenancies and they said they would prefer open-ended tenancies. It was clear that many of them felt worried about renewing a tenancy at the end of the fixed term.

One of the other benefits of assured tenancies is that they can make it easier to move through mutual exchange. We are now also looking at other ways we can improve the moving process.

Several other housing associations have said they are interested in following our lead in switching fixed-term for lifetime assured tenancies.