Routes to health

We’re teaming up with health and wellbeing experts Thrive Tribe to help you improve your fitness and lead a healthier life. We’re starting with a pilot for our residents in Lewisham.

Thrive Tribe is an integrated healthy lifestyle service provider, who offer personalised support and health assessments to help you take control of your health. Their award-winning approach has helped to improve the health and wellbeing of thousands of people across the country.

We’re bringing their approach to you through a new service called Routes to Health.

We’re launching this new service initially for our residents in Lewisham. We’ll be taking the lessons learnt from this pilot to develop the service for all the areas we serve.

A route right for you
Creating opportunities to change your behaviour is at the heart of this service. We’ll offer personalised advice on the variety of ways you can improve your health and wellbeing.

The approach starts with a 45-minute ‘get to know you’ session with a health coach. During it, you’ll talk about your diet, activity levels, mental health, smoking habits and alcohol intake, as well as your general health and wellbeing.

Afterwards, we’ll work with you to find the routes you can take to manage your own health.

One route could simply be introducing you to the wide range of clubs or activities available in your local community. Another could be a personal health plan, giving you the option of accessing up to five extra coaching sessions on different topics, including connections, eating, mindset, moving and relaxing.

Every route is an opportunity to look for ways to become healthier and happier, whether that’s through more physical activity, a balanced diet, mindfulness, managing stress or finding new friends.

If you live in Lewisham and would like to take part, book a session with a health coach.

For any other enquires, please get in touch at