Stay fire safe with L&Q

We are working to make sure you’re safe – and there are some simple things you can also do to avoid putting yourself at risk too.

We’re delivering a programme of fire safety activity to ensure that our buildings are made safe, in line with the latest Government advice.

But no matter where you live, there are plenty of ways you can keep yourself safe in the event of a fire.

We have produced a booklet in cooperation with the London Fire Brigade about how you can stay safe in your home. The booklet provides important fire safety advice, so please take a moment to read it.

We are doing all of this because your safety is our top concern. There are some simple things you can do too – please help us to keep you safe in your home.

Free smoke alarms

If you rent your home from us and don’t have a smoke alarm, get in touch with us – we will fit one free of charge. 

Just email our customer service centre at or drop us a direct message on Facebook (search ‘L&Q’ to find us on Facebook).

Our top ten fire safety tips

  1. Test your fire alarms frequently
  2. Never smoke in bed
  3. Make sure cigarettes are stubbed out
  4. Don’t leave cooking unattended
  5. Snuff out candles or incense burners before you go to bed
  6. Keep tea lights and candles in suitable holders (so they can’t fall over) and away from flammable materials such as curtains
  7. Use one plug per socket and don’t overload adapters
  8. Keep balconies free of flammable materials
  9. Allow L&Q’s maintenance staff access to service your boiler each year
  10. Don’t alter your front door without permission.

Finally, make sure you know what to do in the event of a fire. If you live in a block, there will be a fire safety notice near the front door to the building telling you what is best to keep you safe.