Our service to you

This year, we completed 91.7% of repairs on time and 92.9% of you said the appointments were convenient, according to our latest annual report for residents. Here, you can find out more about how we’re doing.

Each year, we report back to you on how well we’ve done in providing services to you. The residents annual report sets out what we’ve done well over the past year and what we can still improve on.

Highlights of the year include our new home standard, switching residents with fixed-term tenancies onto lifetime tenancies and the launch of our Customer Promise.

Our new home standard involves giving homes a complete makeover before new tenants move in. It has significantly improved how you feel about your home on day one – satisfaction is up from 63.7% last year to 79.6% this year.

Switching residents on fixed-term tenancies onto lifetime tenancies has proved very popular too. Knowing you can stay in your home for as long as you want is giving you a greater sense of security – and of belonging to the local community.

We also launched our Customer Promise, which sets out five things we pledge to do for you. These range from providing good quality homes and services to making it easier for you to deal with us. Each chapter of the report shows how we’re doing against these pledges.

Here are some highlights from the report.

We know our repairs service is one of the things that matters most to you. Unfortunately, the number of days we’ve taken to complete repairs has risen slightly this year, from 12.3 to 13.7 days.

However, this is because we’re repairing many more things than we used to – we’re now fixing fences, undertaking pest control, repairing internal doors and fitting bathroom lights, for example.

We’re also redecorating after we’ve carried out a repair.

Even so, we’re determined to get this figure down. We’ve recently taken on more repairs operatives, so that we can carry out the repairs you need sooner.

We’re now working to complete 90% of everyday jobs – things such as plumbing, electrics, gas, guttering and external lighting – within ten days.

You can read the full report on our website.